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I am an intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher. Using reiki, my intuitive gifts, my experiences, realizations and understanding that everything is energy, I teach clients how to move forward in empowerment and help them understand their innate abilities and intuition. 

What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that uses universal life energy that is all around us to initiate healing form within. Its direct effects include reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It can also help a person get in touch with their true inner self, which is vital for personal empowerment. It allows us to peel back the layers of "stuff" we've acquired, whether these layers be physical, psychological or emotional to unearth our true selves.

Benefits of Reiki:

*promotes healing and well being

*helps with pain management

*encourages mental clarity

*releases stress & tension

*relieves depression

*reduces anxiety

*aids relaxation

*improves sleep & digestion

*strengthens self-esteem

*heightens self-awareness and intuition

*offers support in recovery

*increases energy

*energizes & balances

...and much more!

My intuitive reiki sessions focus on empowermentemotional awareness and balance and can include how to:

Trust your intuition

Identify and release limiting patterns

Understand how very valuable emotions are

Understand how emotional and energetic balance affect your physical well being 

Know your self worth

Find inspired direction

Understand and balance the physical body's responses to stress, trauma, grief, etc.

Understand that everything is energy

While everything is indeed energy, I have a more relaxed view about classic vibration and alignment theories and the Law of Attraction. They, in and of themselves, may be paradigms that are shifting: I don't believe they are as fragile as they're made out to be. You already are an energetically powerful being. You don't have to "be better" or "do better". Your "job" is to recognize what is muting your light and break through the limitations around you.  

So...together we can bring awareness to habits and outdated beliefs that must shift, and consider new perspectives to move you forward. We can explore the "why" that motivates you and adjust it so you start getting the results you desire. I can help you notice/find/operate from passion and intuition. I can lend support, compassion and understanding to the life experiences that bring confusion and doubt, and help you see the "big picture" and realize your growth when you make it through. Everything is a catalyst! Awareness is your own healing tool! 

$70 session

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Reiki sessions for pets:

Pets are fantastic barometers of your well being. They can model or mirror our feelings, emotions and even subconscious obstacles we're holding on to. I can help you navigate the behavioral 'problems' and resolve them. For rescued and and abused animals, Reiki allows them to release past traumas and accept our trust and love and live in the present again. And just like for people, Reiki for your pet promotes healing from illness, pain, and medical issues. (I generally make home visits for pets)

$70 session 

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Reiki Attunement Classes available. Inquire in the Contact form below or text/call for details, information and cost! Thank you!

                                         Level 1 Reiki Attunement -  Sunday, January 19, 2-5pm

                                         Level 2 Reiki Attunement -  Sunday, January 26, 2-4pm



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**This is my current address as of May, 2019**
Kula Heart Yoga & Wellness, LLC
3400 Bath Pike (Rt 512, Center Street)
Suite 201
Bethlehem PA 18017
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